SelfDiagnostics is taking Europe first before entering the Asian market

Sept 10, 2019

Client SelfDiagnostics®
Location Estonia-Germany
Warehouses    UK
Shipping to    UK, EU and USA


When we ship our products from our own Estonian warehouse to the UK and Germany. The shipping time can be up to a week, which is too long. We have considered storing products in the UK in our own warehouse, but at this stage that would be too expensive to do it ourselves.


We are using Warehouse.Space's warehouse in the UK, to ship products to our customers in the UK, EU and the USA, because this way it is cost- and time-efficient. We don't need to manage our own warehouse or worry about logistics, Warehouse.Space takes care of it. Even though right now we are focusing on Europe, we are planning to test out Asian markets with the help of Warehouse.Space.


The process of getting onboard with Warehouse.Space was smooth and we were surprised how you can achieve your goal by just finding the right partner! Warehouse.Space has a personal approach to every single customer to find the best solution that matches their needs and possibilities.

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