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Self Storage Vertical Storage

1. All prices are in USD. If you are paying in currency other than USD, please consider the current currency conversion rate.

2. Customs clearance may delay pending customs clearance where applicable.

Volume of shipments Low Medium
Warehouse locations the UK, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand Europe, Asia, America, Oceania
Storage space units 6m2 20m2
Handling fee1 per order $ 5 $ 5
Standard storage fee1 per month $ 10 $ 100
Minimum order for free storage space units 15 orders / week 50 orders / week
SKU limits 50 N/A
Dispatch time Up to 48h Up to 24h
Delivery time2 2-3 days 1-2 days
Shipping fee Depends on the shipment size and weight. Please contact us for additional details.

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