Warehouse.Space Plugins

Before shipping your products to our warehouse you need to create your account and connect your online store to Warehouse.Space by using one of our plugins.

Within a few minutes you have your inventory at your online warehouse ready to be shipped to our distribution center closest to your customer.

This is how you will significantly reduce your shipping costs and increase the speed of product delivery, thus making your business more competitive.

Platform integration using plugins

We already support the following e-commerce plugins and automatic platform integration: Amazon, eBay, Magento, Woo-Commerce, Shopify and PrestaShop.

Whether you have a stand-alone e-shop, or are using a content managed or ERP administered online store, we have all your e-commerce bases covered.

Warehouse.space also supports integration with your online shop through XERO and Netsuite or other cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning tools. This enables you to connect directly to your Warehouse.Space account using our connectors for those widely used platforms.

The connection and synchronization process is seamless and since everything is run through native plugins, it is an automated synchronization that can happen in a few clicks of your mouse.

Ship your sold items easily

When you create or edit inventory items in your ERP, it automatically updates your Warehouse.Space account. Once you sell any of your product inventory to a customer, the order fulfilment information is instantly sent to Warehouse.Space. The order information will be routed to our warehouse closest to your customer, and picked, packed and sent for delivery.

  • Amazon:
    You can use warehouse space as your Amazon inventory warehouse, and you can use your own branded packaging to strength your brand
  • eBay:
    Connecting your Warehouse.Space with your eBay account and synchronising and track your eBay sales.
  • Magento:
    Connect your Magento store to your Warehouse.Space account using our Magento Plugin.
  • Woo-Commerce:
    If you run your store through Woo-Commerce, you can Connect your Warehouse.Space warehouse to your e-shop.
  • Shopify:
    Use our Shopify App to connect your Shopify Store to your Warehoue.Space account.

Enterprise Resource Planning tools (ERPs)

  • XERO
    Are you using XERO to run your business, then with our XERO extension you can use Warehouse.Space as your XERO inventory warehouse
    We fully support NETSUITE integration and synchronisation. Use warehouse space as your NETSUITE inventory warehouse and automatically sync your products.

Our integrations are part of our seamless, effortless operations. We go the extra mile to provide the best services and customer service. Between your online spaces, and offline via our warehouses.

Connecting your online store to Warehouse.Space

The easiest way, is to connect your online store to your Warehouse.Space account, using one of our plugins for your online store. When you use one of our plugins, your inventory data will be automatically synced from your online store to your Warehouse.Space account

Warehouse.Space uses plugins to connect with most eCommerce platforms. You can connect your WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, eBay, Xero and Magento stores and we are constantly working on other plugins, so email us and ask if we have a plugin for your online store.

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