Case Study: Online retailers reduce shipping costs

To be profitable, you as an online retailer are required to ship your products to your customers overseas fast. The only problem is that if you don’t have a huge volume to ship, individual shipping becomes very expensive. How are you supposed to compete with larger competitors when they are offering faster and faster delivery times that customers have learned to expect?

In the following article, we bring out two examples to illustrate how you can save tremendously from international shipping costs by shipping your products in bulk to any of Warehouse.Space warehouses around the world closest to your customers.

Challenges and solutions in international shipping

To ship a 1kg package in the traditional way means that you have to pay standard shipping fees. This can be overly expensive for small business, leaving the business owner with a tiny profit margin.

To reduce shipping costs and increase delivery time, you can ship in bulk to any of our warehouses worldwide, and pay only for the handling fee and delivery service each time we pick, pack and dispatch an order to your customer on your behalf.

Warehouse.Space ensures that our closest warehouse to your customer will fulfil the order keeping your shipping costs at a minimum and with the fastest delivery time.

1. Local Beans Coffee company saves 74%

Local Beans Coffee company sells bags of the finest coffee beans in Italy via their online store. A customer from UK buys a 1kg bag of their favorite coffee beans and typically expects next day delivery.

1kg Fedex* Warehouse.Space
*The rates can be validated via and online calculators.
Shipping costs € 71,49 € 5,20 Royal Mail Delivery*
€ 5,00 Warehouse.Space handling fee
Cost per kg € 71,49 € 8,20
Total cost of shipment € 71,49 € 18,40
Saving with Warehouse.Space €53,09 (74%)
2. Tom's Bike Shop saves 81%

Tom's Bike Shop is a UK online bike shop selling bikes and bike parts to customers across the world. A customer in Australia buys a new set of bike parts and wants to receive the delivery as soon as possible.

1kg Fedex* Warehouse.Space
*The rates can be validated via and calculators.
Shipping costs € 126,00 € 6,40 Australian Post*
€ 5,00 Warehouse.Space handling fee
Cost per kg € 126,00 € 12,80
Total cost of shipment € 126,00 € 24,20
Saving with Warehouse.Space € 101,80 (81%)
What is Warehouse.Space?

Warehouse.Space is built and designed to help online retailers sell products internationally cheaper and faster. Our modern, secure and safe storage facilities in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania provide you with free storage space if you ship at least 15 orders each week. The more you ship, the more free storage space you get!

Sounds interesting? To start just sign up, integrate your eCommerce platform with Warehouse.Space by using our free plugins and leave the rest to us.

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