Warehouse.Space in multiple worldwide locations

Warehouse.Space puts every marketplace at your fingertips and brings you closer to your customers who purchase items from your online store. No matter where in the world your delivery address is located, we are able to deliver world-wide. This is made possible through our global network of delivery partners and distribution warehouses.

We have distribution warehouses positioned in various locations around the world, so that your products can be closer to your customers, reducing your shipping time and costs.

You are now able to send your products to our warehouses in the UK via Industore warehouses, to Australia and New Zealand via National Storage and throughout Europe, Asia, and America and be close to your customers. Once the orders are placed at your online store, our software will know about it and will pick, pack and ship it to your customer.

Warehouse.Space partners with Industore in the UK

Warehouse.Space uses Industore as its official UK partner and distribution centre. Industore will hold your products safely at one of their warehouses located in regional centres in the UK. Using Hänel automated storage and retrieval systems, sophisticated pick-to-light technology and barcode access systems to cost effectively pick, pack and dispatch your products.

Industore uses innovative technology such as Hänel Lean-Lift®, a modern automated storage lift system, and Hänel Rotomat®, a multi-purpose vertical carousel that will store your valuable products safely and securely.

Combined with Warehouse.Space’s best of breed technology and logistics platform, your products will be pick, packed and dispatched from our warehouse closest to your customer’s delivery address - and you can be sure the correct products will arrive quickly and safely.

A logistics platform with a difference

How does Warehouse.Space accomplish this? When your customers complete an order on your online store, the fulfilment information is automatically sent to our logistics platform, which will route the information instantly to the warehouse closest to your customer based on the delivery address they have entered.

This result is the shortest distance to deliver your products to your customer which of course means lower cost shipping and much faster delivery.

Connecting your online store to Warehouse.Space

The easiest way, is to connect your online store to your Warehouse.Space account, using one of our plugins for your online store. When you use one of our plugins, your inventory data will be automatically synced from your online store to your Warehouse.Space account.

Warehouse.Space uses plugins to connect with most eCommerce platforms. You can connect your WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, eBay, Xero and Magento stores and we are constantly working on other plugins, so contact us and ask if we have a plugin for your online store.

If you need to edit existing inventory, or you want to create new inventory, you do this in your online store or ERP, as any changes you make will be automatically updated in your Warehouse.Space account.

When you place orders online your goods are picked, packed and delivered, and everything is tracked.

Tracking your goods

Once an order has been shipped, a tracking number will be generated and sent to the customer. Order tracking is visible in your account profile. You are able to view the progress of the order at anytime after logging in securely.

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