International shipping now affordable for online stores

Warehouse Space uses a business model that gives startups and small businesses an opportunity to stay in competition by shipping products to its customers fast and with lower cost. We make it possible for you to distribute your products across the globe by shipping inventory to our warehouses strategic to your business.

Who are you going to trust to get your designer jewellery or custom made toys to their buyers in the shortest possible time? Some shippers charge exorbitant amounts of money to send single products from one location, relaying it across continents, costing you more than it costs to produce your product. Warehouse Space offers you an alternative.

Warehouses around the globe now accessible

Ship your products to one of our warehouses close to where your customers are located. We have several warehouses spread across the globe at locations where your product would be shipped to your customer with 24-48 hours. Having your product stored close to your customer enables us to pack and dispatch your item quickly.

To start, just follow these 2 steps:

  1. SIGN UP for an account with Warehouse.Space so that you can create a profile with all your inventory, account information and list the places you want to have your products shipped.
  2. Automatically update your inventory via our free plugin integration.
  3. You are now ready to select where you would like to ship your products in bulk.

Your products are safe with us

Our technology includes a unique recording process that captures a video of the product being packed and dispatched, enabling you to watch the process remotely, and have a record of the process from order to dispatch.

No more complaints from customers that they got the wrong item, it was damaged, or that it wasn’t delivered. You will have a record of the whole process on video and you can share it with your customer.

We have thought of everything that could go wrong, and created a way to prevent these problems from ever occurring. Isn’t it good to have someone looking out for the small businesses? Trust us with your products and grow your business.

Do you have any questions? We are here to answer your questions via [email protected].

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