How to grow your self-storage business?

Approximately 30% of customers in self-storage are business customers, who tend to be long term customers, many with increasing storage needs over time. Would you like to learn how you could grow your business customer base, without incurring additional costs?

Growing your business customer base also doesn’t mean you need to increase the amount of storage space you already have. With the right tools and partners, you can widen your service spectrum and increase revenue from each square metre available. But how?

To guide you through these questions, let's analyse the Warehouse.Space partnership with one of the largest self-storage companies in Australia, National Storage, and how they plan to grow their business customer base from this exciting opportunity.

Growing your business at no extra cost

Isn't this an ideal scenario: while you run your business as usual, someone else brings new customers to you? This is exactly what Warehouse.Space has to offer at no cost to you.

It’s quite simple. There are millions of online retailers, and many of them could also be your customer. Thanks to the Warehouse.Space platform we can connect online retailers with storage unit providers in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.

All the retailers need do is to sign up with Warehouse.Space, connect their online store to the Warehouse.Space platform and ship their products in bulk to our storage partners - who could be you!

Then, every time the retailers sell via their online stores, the order fulfilment information is instantly sent to the storage partner closest to the buyer’s location, so the order can be dispatched.

Access to technology

Each self-storage company that partners with Warehouse.Space is given access to technology, enabling the company to provide a complete service to its business clients and ensures they pick the right items, eliminating any human errors.

Thanks to the technology (which runs on both tablets and PCs) a self-storage company can:

  • easily store each customer's products in a designated location within a storage unit;
  • manage the inventory; and
  • accurately pick the required products for shipping.
Transparent business model

Warehouse.Space shares its revenue, making the business model transparent and simple to understand. While you focus on your daily business, Warehouse.Space takes care of marketing the platform, connecting with online retailers and maintaining the technology to guarantee great service for both online retailers and storage providers.

With Warehouse.Space, each self-storage company benefits from the following:

  • gaining new business clients with no extra effort or cost,
  • decreasing the amount of time spent on customer support and negotiations,
  • picking, packing and dispatching products with your brand on each package,
  • generating revenue with each shipment (if the retail client does not ship the minimum amount required, a standard storage fee applies to ensure that self-storage company's costs are covered).
Start today − it's simple

Warehouse.Space offers you a simple way to grow your business with no extra cost. Your basic costs are covered and as an upside you are may get a much higher return per square metre than you are getting now by providing a basic storage service.

Contact us today to become a part of this exciting and innovative opportunity.

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